Desember 17, 2009


Beans, Create New Alternative Diabetes Patients

A research doctoral dissertation at the same time as a graduate student at the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) found that the beans can be a new alternative for patients with diabetes mellitus.
This was revealed in tests Yayuk dissertation submitted Andayani, Biology Study Program students graduate programs IPB for my doctorate, said the Head of Public Relations, Campaign and Alumni Relations IPB, drh Agus Lelana in Bogor, Wednesday.
In the exam on Tuesday (9 / 9) with the Commission drh Pembibing Prof. Kusuma Reviany Widjadja Phd (Chairman) with members of Prof. Dr. Slamet Suyono, Sp.PD, KEMD, Dr. drh Rimbawan and Dr. Heru Setijanto, and the Foreign Commission examiners Prof. Dr. Dr. Mulyanto (Professor of the University of Mataram) and Prof. Dr. Ir Dedi Muchhtaddi (FATETA IPB), the research results are presented with gamlang.
According to Yayuk Andayani, diabetes, a disease with high blood sugar levels which causes the sufferer would have to be careful in applying the diet.
So far, doctors often recommend that patients take the drug in the discipline, diet and exercise and avoid stress.
Recognized that many drugs currently on the market to treat diabetes, but often are expensive because the ingredients must be imported.
However, we now have diabetes do not have to worry because it was able tebukti Beans Vegetable treat diabetes mellitus.
In the dissertation research entitled "Mechanism of activity Bean Extract Antihiperglikemik Diabetes In Mice And Active Component Identification", Yayuk Andayani explained in his research he was doing experiments on white male mice aged 3 months with induction treatment of diabetes.
These mice had previously been given the green beans that extracts 30 minutes after "intentionally" made to suffer diabetes, in which eventually the pressure of blood sugar known to the rats returned to normal without experiencing a decrease in the level of hypoglycemic (blood sugar below normal).
This, he says, can be understood because the beans contain the "b-sitosterol" and "stigmasterol" that could increase the production of insulin.
In addition, a long green vegetable is in its 100 grams of carbohydrate composition having 7.81%, 0.28% fat, protein 1.77%, 2.07% crude fiber, and ash content of 0.32%.
"That way, the consumption of beans would be able to control blood sugar levels are high. So diabetes mellitus can make this as a new alternative for treating diseases which often consume a lot of casualties," he said.
For the medical world, he said, the research could be a reference to a diabetes drug to extract the beans, so the diabetes drug will be cheaper and easily available to the many materials available.
After describing the research results, expressed as Yayuk Andayani new doctor who was born IPB. (antara / *) –
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