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Islam History Figures at Java

At Java found nine pioneer religious teachers and islam development warrior. They are Sunan Gresik, Sunan Ampel, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Giri, Sunan Drajat, Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria, and Sunan Gunung Jati. They are more popular with the title Wali Songo.

a. Sunan Gresik (Maulana Malik Ibrahim)

Sunan Gresik also known by the name of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Maulana Magribi, or Sheikh Magribi, and Jumadil Kubra. But general society at java more know it as Sunan Gresik, because he funnels islamic religion and buried at Gresik.

Sunan Gresik hovel founder pesantren first in Indonesia. He is meyebar islamic religion prudently. At that time citizen around Gresik not yet a muslim. Islamic religion distribution that done Sunan Gresik acceptable swiftly. He passes away in the year 1419 M and buried at Gresik.

b. Sunan Ampel (Raden Rahmat)

Original name Sunan Ampel Raden Rahmat. He is putera Maulana Malik Ibrahim. He is gived at Campa, acheh around year 1401 M. When does aged 20 year, Sunam Ampel migration to Java. He devolves aim and struggle Maulana Malik Ibrahim.

Sunan Ampel begin the religious proselytizing activity with establish and bring up pesantren at Ampel Denta, near Surabaya. At pesantren here's, Sunan Ampel will educate boys to will be proselytizers that be scattered to entire javas. His pupils is famous Raden Paku (Sunan Giri), Raden Fatah (kingdom first king/sultan Demak), Raden Makhdum Ibrahim (Sunan Bonang), Syarifuddin (Sunan Drajat), and Maulana Ishak.

Sunan Ampel design islam kingdom at java, that is kingdom demak. he is that lift raden fatah as first sultan demak. besides, he also impersonates big in great mosque development Demak. Sunan Ampel pass away in the year 1481 M and buried at region ampel.

c. Sunan Bonang (maulana makdum ibrahim)

Sunan bonang islam spreader at beach north east java. he is son Sunan Ampel. name other he is maulana makdum ibrahim or raden ibrahim. when still adolescent, together with Raden Paku, sunan bonang sent by Sunan Ampel to pasai to deepen theology. sepulang from there, he begins berdakwah by be teacher and missionary. he also establishes pesantren at region tuban, east java. santri that be the pupil comes from various region at archipelago.

In distribute islamic religion, sunan bonang always accustom self with java society culture type. he is assumed as javanese musical creator (song) first in order to broadcast islamic religion. sunan bonang and another guardians, use leather puppet and music gamelan as islam religious proselytizing tool. sunan bonang self creat songs for religious proselytizing activity that known by the name of javanese song durma. sunan bonang pass away year 1525 m and buried at tuban, east java.

d. Sunan Giri (Raden Paku)

Sunan giri a religious teacher menyebarakn religion at region blambangan. he is brother Sunan Gunung Jati. his original name is Raden Paku, known also by the name of prabu satmata.

When does adolescent he learn religion at hovel pesantren ampel denta that led by Sunan Ampel. with sunan bonang, he deepens theology at pasai. after return from pasai, sunan giri distribute islamic religion via various means. he establishes pesantren at region giri. sunan giri send educated religious proselytizing expert to various region outside java, among others madura, bawean, kangean, nate, and tidore. sunan giri educate children passes various game berjiwa religious, for example passes game jelungan, mouldy, gendi ferrite, sugar changes, cublak suweng, and strops.

After mobile distribute religion, he also is society leader at region giri. region mempimpinnya then round into little kingdom that nameds kingdom giri. as king giri, he haves sultan abdul faqih. he also very influential in sultanate government demak. every there important problem that must be decided, other guardians always waits for decision and the deliberation. sunan giri pass away in the year 1506. he is buried at hill giri, gresik.

e. Sunan Drajat (syarifuddin)

Sunan drajat islamic religion spreader at region sedayu, gresik, east java. he is son Sunan Ampel and younger brother sunan bonang. his original name is raden kosim or syarifuddin. but, majority society know it as sunan sedayu.

To launch religious proselytizing activity, sunan drajat creat one song kind that called mattock javanese musical. he makes sedayu as the religious proselytizing distribution area. pupils come from various archipelago area. even, there that come from nate and hitu ambon. sunan drajat very emphasized social character as islamic religion implementing of. he gives accomodation to general society and menyantuni orphan with poor poor.

f. sunan kalijaga (Raden Mas Syahid)

Original name sunan kalijaga Raden Mas Syahid. he also gets nick name syek malaya. he is son a regent tuban, named raden sahur tumenggung wilatika. sunan kalijaga known as guardian berjiwa big, berpikiran sharp, and gaze at each other far. he is berdakwah as missionary from one region to region other. because intellect the religious proselytizing, he acceptable among nobles, class cendikiawan, and administrators. he also is sultanate adviser demak.

Sunan kaligaja has vast erudition in the field of artistry and java culture. he uses leather puppet and gamelan as religious proselytizing tool. sunan kalijaga compose leather puppet story that breathe islam. besides, he also meritorious in develops art carves, clothing art, scilpture, and kesusastraan. one of [the] his work is famous song strops. this song is invitation full to enter islam.

g. Sunan Kudus (ja'far sadiq)

Sunan Kudus son raden umar pilgrim, islamic religion spreader at pumpkin region panolan, blora, east java. his original name is ja'far sadiq. when does little he usually called raden undung.

Sunan Kudus funnel islamic religion at holy region and vinicity. besides be proselytizer, Sunan Kudus also be sultanate war lord demak. he is trusted to restrain government at holy region. at area, he is government leader all at once religion leader. he is assumed as holy great mosque founder. holy mosque has beautiful tower. therefore, mosque famous by the name of holy tower mosque. Sunan Kudus pass away in the year 1550 and buried at holy city.

h. Sunan Muria (raden umar said)

Sunan muria son sunan kalijaga. the original name raden umar said. he is guardian many meritorious in funnel islamic religion at java rural district. individuality sunan muria menyiara islamic religion at remote villages. he is more like to seclude and live in village with associate with ordinary people. he educates people around mount muria. his manner funnels islamic religion with hold course for class tradesman, fishermans, and ordinary people. as his religious proselytizing tool creats javanese song sinom and kinanti.

i. Sunan Gunung Jati (syarif hidayatul)

Sunan Gunung Jati guardian many meritorious in distribute islamic religion at west java region. he stills king breed pajajaran, prabu siliwangi. the mother, nyai prohibit santang, putrid prabu siliwangi. temporary the father, maulana sultan mahmud (syarif abdul), a arabian noble. his first name is syarif hidayatul.

When does adult, syarif hidayatul choose berdakwah to java, from in menetap at soil birth it, arabian. he meets the uncle raden walangsungsang at cirebon. after the uncle passes away, he replaces the position. syarif hidayatul success increase cirebon be a sultanate.

After cirebon be islam kingdom, Sunan Gunung Jati tries to influence kingdom pajajaran not yet profess islam. from cirebon Sunan Gunung Jati develops islam to regions other like majalengka, brass, kawali (galuh), sundanese coconut, and banten. he puts base for development and islam trade at banten. when does he return to cirebon, banten extradited to putera, sultan maulana hasanuddin then demote kings banten. Sunan Gunung Jati passes away in the year 1570 m. he is buried at teak mount, cirebon, west java.
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