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Desember 10, 2009


Technology or trade has more than one definition. One of them is the development and application of tools, machinery, materials and processes that help people solve the problem. As a human activity, technology, started before the science and engineering.
Technology Based On Science for knowledge with the purpose to Easier Work of Man, but if the fact is fact complicates technology called Layakkah Sciences
The word often describes the discovery of the technology and tools that use the principles and processes of the new scientific discoveries found. Nevertheless, the discovery of a very long time as the wheel is also called a technology.
Another definition (used in economics) is a technology viewed from the status of our current knowledge of how to combine resources to produce the desired product (and our knowledge of what can be produced). Therefore, we can see changes in technology at our technical knowledge increases.
Branch of today's technology
• Biotechnology
• Mikroteknologi
• Nanotechnology
• Biomedical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Traffic Engineering
• Industrial Technology
• Instrumentation Technology
• Computer Technology
• Nuclear Technology
• energy storage technology
• machining technology
• Technology weaponry
• Telecommunications Technology
• Appropriate technology
• Transportation Technology
• Visual Technology
• energy technology
• materials technology

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